Before we start scrambling to put band aid approaches to our bleeding health system, we will hold an audit of services and discuss with the relevant stake holders what their requirements are and how best  we can provide them with their needs.

Health by its nature is divided into different areas or departments. These departments have different and varied needs to perform their functions. While there is need for "emergency, medical and dental"  medicine to be able to share "surgical facilities", mental health does not necessarily have this need, so we don't see the need for mental health patients to be housed in surgical facilities. By removing mental health from the Royal Hobart Hospital and providing a "purpose built" facility, we believe this will better cater for the needs of mental health patients, while freeing up much needed beds for surgery and emergency medicine use.

The best people to tell you what is needed are those that work in that area. Talking with the people at the "coal face" will provide invaluable information needed to determine the best approach to achieve the optimum outcome for the majority of all Tasmanians.

Remote areas of the State also need  attention and a rationalisation of services to provide the best possible services to these areas will be undertaken, and where identified and necessary, additional services will be provide. Consultation with the service providers in these areas will help to achieve this outcome.

We believe that Tasmanian people have the answers to the issues we have here, and one only needs to listen to and understand the needs and requirements of the community to find a solution to the problem, after all Government is just us working for lets not make it hard on ourselves or Tasmanian people.....We Can, We Will.....



Aged Pension Policy

We believe that the Aged Pension Policy is in need of a revamp. The Liberal Party want to raise the aged pension to 70 years of age......THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Making people work until they are 70 to access the age pension does not take into account the working life of the person. It's fairly obvious that someone who has worked as a labourer all their life, will probably be in a worse physical condition that someone who has worked at a less physical job. 


We believe that there needs to be a more flexible approach to the aged pension to take into account a persons working life. If we look at a life time, we have almost 20 years of education then we start our working life, some earlier, some later. If we say that a person has a working life of 40 years that brings us to the age of 60 for a reasonable retirement.

Our Policy is to introduce voluntary early retirement at age 55 for those who's body's have worn out or failed. This will have numerous effects on society.

People will be able to enjoy a "later life" and be able to enjoy their years in retirement. By retiring early, they are creating a place in the workforce for a younger unemployed person to gain employment. By still being capable to travel and move about they will create income for a variety of businesses. These "young retired" people would be able to take on part time roles, especially in the fields of education in regards to TAFE, to pass on their knowledge and skills.

By allowing people to retire early we are in fact allowing our people a standard of living that would be unequaled anywhere in the world, and the envy of all.

There is no other place in Australia where this will impact more than Tasmania with our ageing population.

This is the kind of life we want for not just Tasmanian people, but for ALL AUSTRALIANS.....

T4T....We Care....

                              We Will....




Macquarie Point Transport Hub

Macquarie Point offers not only the City of Hobart the opportunity to advance into future public transport infrastructure, but all of Tasmania.

Serving as the hub for Public Transport in Southern Tasmania, Macquarie Point will provide Hobart and the southern suburbs with a public transport center that will provide a train, tram and bus terminus to service all of Southern Tasmania, as well as future passenger trains to the North of the State.

Macquarie Point provides us with the ability to give Tasmania the public transport hub that it so desperately needs.


With the rail head already established at Macquarie Point, and it being so close to the city center, it stands to reason that this is where the city's rail terminus should be.

We will reintroduce passenger rail back into the Northern Suburbs of Hobart as far as Brighton in the first stage of the return of passenger rail to Tasmania.

We will repair and upgrade the line to National Park. This will permit the ability to run Heritage Trains from Hobart to National Park,

This will provide Cruise Line passengers an alternative experience while in Hobart, with tourists being able to board "at the doorstep" of their ship.


T4T will re-introduce Trams back into the City of Hobart. We believe that there are many advantages for this. We envisage trams will run between Macquarie Point and the following suburbs

  • Sandy Bay/Taroona
  • South Hobart/Cascade Brewery
  • City circle
  • North Hobart/Lenah Valley/Newtown
  • West Hobart   

Trams will help us reduce our carbon footprint by reducing engine exhaust produced by buses, resulting in a cleaner fresher city. It will reduce congestion in the inner city by providing better public transport thus reducing the number of private vehicles in the city and a reduced number of buses.


Macquarie Point will serve as a bus terminus for all bus services, both local and Intra-State.

By placing the bus terminus at Macquarie Point, it allows us to be able to access any public transport system to get where we need to be, not only in Hobart , but anywhere in Tasmania, while being able to remove the bus terminus from the Mall and Macquarie Street (once again reducing traffic and decreasing congestion in the inner city)

It provides the service of Bus Tours to Cruise Line passengers "at the gangway" by having an easy access and user friendly public transport hub.

To not use Macquarie Point as a public transport hub in reality wold be nothing short of devastating to Tasmania and its people. The resulting employment from this project is much needed by Tasmania, and one which we believe is the right decision for the Tasmanian people. 





Our vision for transport in Tasmania starts with the rebuilding of our rail network. Returning passenger rail to our State is a necessity for the future of Tasmania. Not only will we have passenger rail, but improved freight, Tourist Trains and Heritage Rail Tours. 

We believe that rail is an important part of Tasmanias infrastructure needs and will provide invaluable opportunities in many fields across the State.

Starting with the return of passenger rail into the greater Hobart area, and exploring the possibility of a rail link between Bellerive and Sorell via the Airport, connecting with ferries in Bellerive to Hobart (with a future rail link to Hobart to be explored).

It's not a matter of building it at full pace just to get the job done, rather a slow and steady approach is needed which will mean we get a first class job done, while keeping Tasmanian people employed for many years to come.


We believe that there is a sound economic case for a return to Trams in not only Hobart but also Launceston. This will help us to reduce our carbon footprint and provide Tasmanian people with a clean green means of public transport in our major cities. It will provide a much needed reliable and  easily accessible public transport system for tourists and locals alike.


Our policy in regards to the TT Line is to trial a service between Hobart and Brisbane. This will give Tasmanian people direct access to Brisbane via Sydney, allowing them to get there without having to drive from Melbourne. 

Our primary producers and manufacturers would be able to freight directly to these international ports without having to trans ship in Melbourne, providing an economic return to not only the Sate,but to the people, producers and manufacturers.

It will provide Queensland and New South Wales people the ability to tour Tasmania with their own car, caravan/ camper or 4wd without having to drive to Melbourne. This provides many opportunities for local people with regards to repairs and services.

It is about providing the service to the Tasmanian people, not entirely about profit. Of course we would like it to be profitable, but if it were to cost a small amount, we see this as a necessary service to the Tasmanian people, and a cost well worth the return.


We will investigate a return to passenger ferry services on the Derwent River.


With a return to passenger rail we will undertake a structural study to see where services can be streamlined and if there is a need for a different size of bus required for smaller shorter services that connect with trains and trams.




The rebuilding of our rail network brings with it many infrastructure projects. Bridges, cuttings, tunnels, per way works and many other associated works will need to be undertaken to get our rail network up to standard. This will create employment opportunities across the State as we rebuild our railways, sadly neglected by all other political parties over the last 40+ years.


As with most public assets, our roads and highways have been sadly neglected, with not enough forward planning taking place.

We will ensure the Midlands highway is completed to an acceptable standard, and undertake a quick statewide survey to ascertain what is needed where, and what the greatest priorities are.

T4T has developed a plan for a freeway from the Bridgewater round a bout to clearys gates, with no intersections or lights. This hasbeen tentavily costed and came inat about $140 Million. This is within what we accept as reasonable.

With the closure of the Hobart Port facility, and the relocation of the freight hub to Brighton, we see the enormous pressure that has now been put on the Bridgewater Bridge, and the Highway into the city. Previously these freight movements weren't happening, so we now have a wear and tear factor on these utilities.

The highway to Sorell needs urgent attention, something else that has been forgotten about by previous Governments.Building a further two lanes to Sorell will only get the bottle neck at the bridge in the morning backed up further, the bridge and entrance to Hobart can only handle so much traffic. A two pronged approach is needed for the future growth of the area and its traffic needs.

By building a rail line between Sorell and Bellerive, to take in the airport, (with the long term goal of being able to get rail across the Derwent), and a ferry service between Bellerive and Sorell, this will provide the much needed public transport  link.


There has been calls for a second crossing of the Tamar River in Launceston to be built. T4T will look into the feasibilty and the need of a second crossing and will look closely at any recommendations into the building of one.


T4T sees returning to trams for inner city transport in Hobart and Launceston as a sensible move towards public transport now and into the future. It will give Tasmanian's two largest cities a modern, up to date, clean green public transport fleet. 

The infrastructure required to build these systems will provide much needed employment for Tasmanian people, in the construction, running and maintenance phases.


Shipping is an important part of Tasmanias everyday to day life. As Australia's only Island State, we depend on shipping more so than any other State. T4T will consult with the relevant stakeholders with regards to the on going needs of our Ports, and what they require to work at optimum ability.


A new crossing is needed at Bridgewater, this is well known. T4T believes we should investigate building a weir at Bridgewater. This would possibly solve a number of issues. It would provide a large body of fresh water that would be able to be used for irrigation and purification for consumption, as well as a fire fighting reservoir for bush fires. The technology is available to make this a possibility, and we believe at a fraction of the cost the Government is telling us it will be to build a new bridge. 




It is T4T's policy, and it has been since the party was formed that there should be a moratorium on any further expansion in fish farms in Tasmania, and that a public inquiry be held into their practices, procedures and protocols.

This is the only way to get a true picture of the industry and what is happening, and to give confidence to the Tasmanian people that the industry is sustainable and environmentally acceptable.




T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania is fundamentally opposed to any foreign ownership of Tasmanian land, and will work with all relevant stake holders to return any Tasmanian land owned by Foreign Nationals to Tasmanian hands.

We believe that Tasmania is our children's future and heritage, and that to sell it to foreign interests is to sell off our children's future.

In this respect, Tasmania is  "NOT FOR SALE". We will not sell off our children's future for a short term gain.




T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania will legislate that rental car companies will be required to have signage on the rear of vehicles telling Tasmanian people that they are being driven by International driver. As a tourist destination that has a lot of international drivers, this helps the local population to identify them and be aware that they may not know the roads or the conditions and to take caution around them. It also helps identify that they are tourists and the Tasmanian people will then be able to help and assist them with any inquiries they may have. We think this is a positive step both for locals and travelers alike.