Becoming a Member


Registered Member

Registered  members are required to fill out a T4T Membership form and a Statutory  Declaration which is lodged at the Tasmanian Electoral Office, Your name  is added to the membership register it holds, members have the right to  attend meetings have their say,and the right to vote.

Social Members

Social  Members have the right to attend meetings, have a say, but no voting  rights. This category is for people who may not want to give up another  nationality or are not registered to vote in Tasmania, but live here and  want to support the party. You are only required to fill in  a T4T  Membership form.

How to join

simply send us an Email at t4t@iprimus .com.au and ask us to send you the paperwork, it's that simple.

How much does it cost ??

Membership for both Registered and Social Members is NOW FREE........We believe that all Tasmanian's should be able to have input into "THEIR GOVERNMENT", and to facilitate this, membership is now FREE.

All you need is to be registered to vote, and we are asking all Tasmanian's to become registered members.

What do I have to do ??

You  can do as little or as much as you like, the choice is yours, the most  important thing is that you become a member to help us achieve our goal.

Is there an age limit ??

no there's no age limit to join, but you must be of voting age and registered to vote in Tasmania to become a Registered Member